Moon Runner

Supernova Blue

A 3D moon window to space.

CHF 120,000.- Excl. Taxes

Across time and space, a new kind of spacecraft is relentlessly exploring the watchmaking galaxy on the lookout for new unique expressions of the watchmaker's art...

Contemporary timepieces designed by HYT, exclusive owners of mecafluidic technology, the symbiotic marriage of science and micromechanics, are propelling the creativity of luxury watchmaking into a new universe. Transforming usual perceptions, HYT develops extraordinary time measurement instruments. With HYT, preparations are on for the future and watchmaking is undergoing a transformation.

Get on board now for a new opus in the HYT saga: Mission Moon Runner

Observation of the moon, the Earth's natural satellite, is one of the pillars of the development of science. The celestial body is a source of incomparable fascination for people, who have tried to understand its movements and effects since the dawn of time.

One of the first known representations of the moon is Orthostat 47, a sculpture on a rock discovered in Knowth, Ireland, which scientists date back to the third century BC. Found by archaeologists on a clay tablet in the ancient city of Ugarit, in the Near East, the oldest written record of an eclipse viewing dates back to 1223 BC. Babylonian astronomers developed understanding of moon cycles in the eighth century BC. From these initial milestones, understanding has only grown, and from the very beginning, watchmaking has contributed to the advancement of this knowledge.

Ultimate symbol of space travel, the journey to the moon has been a permanent wish list fixture since the first man set foot on it in July 1969. Even today, a certain number of realistic plans have been developed to open the doorway to space to a larger number of Earthlings.

Supernova Blue
Supernova Blue
Supernova blue

Technical information

  • Technological sandblasted grey & blue coated titanium case
  • Sandblasted crown in black & technological grey coated titanium
  • Domed sapphire crystal (box) with anti-reflective coating
  • Black side grids with blue background

  • Retrograde fluidique hours
  • 27
  • Day of the month
  • Month
  • 3D Moon phase

  • 601-MO
  • type: Mechanical
  • Frequency: 28'800 Hz
  • Jewels: 43
  • Winding: Manual
  • Power reserve: 72 hours
  • Finishing: Finely sandblasted and sating
  • Coating & Color: Black coating

  • Black & blue anodized aluminium
  • 3D black coated appliques, white luminous numbers (Lumicast)
  • Black grid with blue background
  • Blue liquid inside borosilicate capillary tube

  • Black rubber strap
  • Blue Microfibre embossed strap decor
  • Blue stitching

  • Black mat minutes hands, white SLN
  • Black mat day of month disk, white SLN
  • Black mat months disk, white SLN
  • All SLN in Lumicast

  • Width: 48.00 mm
  • Length: 52.30 mm
  • Thickness: 21.80 mm
  • Water-resistant: 50 metres

  • Buckle
  • Simple
  • Black coated titanium
  • Satin & sandblasted finishies

H02758-A; Limited and numbered Edition 27 pieces;

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